Innovation Pipeline

We have an ongoing program for trialing new formulas and approaches that meet the growing needs of our clients.

In the trial pipeline for the 2016 season:


NOP compliant seed treatment for improved germination and plant establishment.


Integrating application formulations and grower cultural practices to reduce the negative effects of microbial and insect pests on leafy greens during the grow cycle.


Improving the biological breakdown of post-harvest leafy green crop residues through the use of NOP compliant specific microbial cultures.

Reducing the concentration of anti-nutritionals, such as heavy metals, in the leaf of spinach plants by layering multiple approaches that are NOP compliant.

Improving the moisture retention of rhizosphere soil through the use of NOP compliant soil additives.


We recognize that this is a very ambitious list of trial goals for 2016–we like to aim high! By the end of 2016,  all of the data produced from these activities will provide a platform for ongoing future innovation.